At Anthro Northwest, we design our convention around the interests and passions of our volunteers. We exist to help bring out their best.


Anthro Northwest strives to attract the best volunteers in the fandom by creating a cooperative environment that allows them to share their dreams, passions and skills. We feature a strong volunteer appreciation program that acknowledges their commitment. Our volunteers have the important job of being the face of the convention, they communicate the intention, mood and energy of the organization through their interactions with others. We expect our volunteers to adhere to the highest standards of conduct and serve as an example to others in the community.


Is there something that you love to do? Chances are we can make a volunteer or panelist position for you so that you can share your skills, art and passions with others. Typically one-third of our contributing members perform services like registration, AV, badge check, safety, convention store and logistics. The other two-thirds are panelists who graciously share their skills with other community members.


You should volunteer as early as possible. This will allow us to create the best opportunity and environment for you to serve in. Applying early also gives extra time to review the training resources. The earlier you apply the more likely you are to be accepted. We are unable to process applications after October 1. If you volunteered in 2017 you will still need to submit a new application for 2018.


Anthro Northwest strives to keep the minimum commitment low so that the volunteers can enjoy the convention too. Any service that is performed for Anthro Northwest counts towards the minimum commitment. This can include, but is not limited to: panel prep, training, setup, hosting an event and creation of charity or promotional artwork. Panelists that serve more than 8 hours in any of the above categories should contact Anthro Northwest to ensure they receive a complimentary admission and volunteer appreciation package. If you volunteer after registering, please contact Anthro Northwest for a refund of your admission fees.




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Minimum Commitment 8 Hours Minimum Commitment 1 Panel Minimum Commitment 1 Set Minimum Commitment
Complimentary Membership Complimentary Membership Complimentary Membership Complimentary Membership
Access to the Appreciation Lounge Appreciation Lounge Appreciation Lounge Appreciation Lounge
Medallion Medallion Medallion Medallion
Private Events Private Events Private Events Private Events
Hotel Room Block Early Access Hotel Early Access Hotel Early Access Hotel Early Access
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*Panelists that perform 8 hours of service or more (including panel prep), should contact Anthro Northwest for a refund on their admission.

Please do not use the forms below unless you are unable to create a Google account. You will be contacted for additional information after you have completed the application. All other applicants should use the "Apply" buttons above.

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