Sometimes people call us furry , but we see ourselves as an anthropomorphic arts convention. We are fusion of furry, professional costume designers, cosplayers and performers. We exist to harmoniously bring out the best in all of these diverse communities.


We accomplish our mission through the actions of creating art, providing educational opportunities and building community. We strive to create a space that naturally brings out the best of people's creativity, charity and hospitality.


The community at Anthro Northwest is as diverse as the world itself. Being a completely PG-rated Anthropomorphic Arts convention, the event is well-suited to all ages, and families of every composition.

Some of our members are aspiring artists and performers, but even more are scientists, engineers, business people and computer programmers. At Anthro Northwest you will find just about every ethnic and socio-economic background present. We are not complete without the incredible diversity that makes our community whole.

What brings us together is a love of anthropomorphic art. Whether is an appreciation of costume performance, costume making, painting, sculpting, drawing, writing, videography, music or any of other activities we do, at our core we love to celebrate the amazing world of anthropomorphics together.


Our focus is very much on arts and education, in a given year there will typically be around 100 educational panels and workshops. We cover just about every aspect of costume creation and feature a wide selection of humanities panels, from practical psychology to overcoming anxiety and public performance techniques. Our members love to create community, our convention would not be complete without the many social activities such as dance competitions, games, meetups and contests. At Anthro Northwest we feature unique formal events such as the Black Tie Film Festival and the romantic evening masquerade dance.

Many of the top costume makers and artists in the world attend and vend at Anthro Northwest. We feature unusual vendors that you won't find at any other anthropomorphic art conventions, such as industrial costume-making machine suppliers and amazing local artists. Starting in 2018, Anthro Northwest will feature an artists' alley with a wide variety of talented markers and art producers.


Anthro Northwest Charities is made up of a very dedicated group of volunteers. They work tirelessly throughout the year to make the convention a reality. Around 20% of the people you see at Anthro Northwest are contributing to it either as a volunteer or panelist. Anthro Northwest only exists because of the generosity of the community. If you see a volunteer, panelist or even one of our vendors we would encourage you to take time to thank them for their tireless service. There is no Anthro Northwest without them.



Andy the wolf is our mascot and is the physical embodiment of the spirit of Anthro Northwest. His design was created by Golden Druid and Crystal Grant. He was brought to life by Laurie Jacobs and Miander at Dandylions, a local maker of fursuits.

Andy's design is based off of many of the natural features found in the Pacific Northwest. His back features a waterfall, and his muted color scheme resembles the colors of nature found on the West Coast of Washington. If you see him wearing his backpack, he often has stickers and other trinkets that you can ask for. He is always happy to sign autographs and pose for pictures.


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